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goats are literally Masters of Physics


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Devon doesn’t think she’s a black model cause she’s “fair skinned” and has an “international look” 

She wasn’t even that light tho lmao “fair skinned”

Self hate is a motherfuck

fair skinned is she playin?

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We have to be the biggest promoters of our own stories.  Can’t  depend on CNN to promote inspiring black stories. Just wanted to share this story.

“Graduating from university is normally an occasion for a family get-together.
And this was certainly a big celebration for the Ogunsanya quadruplets who were handed their well-deserved degrees from the same university on the same day.

The 23-year-old quads, identical sisters and the oldest by four minutes, Toks and Temi Ogunsanya, and identical brothers, Tobi and Tolu, graduated from Warwick University with Master Degrees.

And there was not a jot of sibling rivalry as all four have landed jobs in the City already.

Toks graduated with anMEng in manufacturing and engineering and Temi, Tobi and Tolu all gained an MSC in management from Warwick Business School.

‘The fact we all chose to study at the University of Warwick was a natural decision,’ says Tobi, who thinks a bit of sibling rivalry is essential for success.

‘We are a close-knit family and were all attracted by the strength of the courses on offer.

‘We all gravitated to similar courses because we’ve always been interested in business and management and our father is a successful businessman in Nigeria.’

The quads, originally from Lagos, Nigeria, have been living in the UK since the age of seven when they began boarding schools. Since leaving university they have all landed top city jobs.

Toks is due to start working for RBS in London later this year, Temi, who interned at Santander over the summer, has been offered a permanent position with the bank, and Tolu is due to start working for one of the ‘Big 4’ accountancy firms in the City.

‘Our parents are four times as proud of us,’ added Tobi, who is mulling over two offers from two major City firms.

‘They’ve supported us financially and have encouraged us all the way - without their help we wouldn’t be here today.’ “

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look at the african excellence, y’all. everything na quadruple, druple.




Every POC got this lesson.


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i need a personal chef because i’m always hungry and i don’t have time to be making my own food every hour.




We don’t need to replace our history with myths to validate ourselves and our cultures. Keep it real.

This is literally why I get super annoyed with all those ridiculous ancient egypt memes like pls shut the fuck up and stop using dead people in your bs respectability politics

She just forgot to add Northern Sudan as home to Nubians in addition to southern Egypt. Also Nubians still exist to this day as a distinct linguistic and cultural group, so it’s more appropriate to speak of us as contemporary, living and breathing people facing the same modern human condition, rather than just reduce us to this absurdly mythologized existence. Sure we have this great and often overlooked history but TODAY our communities struggle with poverty, racism, land thefts, marginalization, political instability. But they also go on living just like everybody else. Africa’s history is more than just ancient Egypt and Nubia. There’s Axum, the kingdoms of Mali, the Funj Sultunates in what is now Darfur, the various Amazigh kingdoms and dynasties of North Africa, the Yoruba, Hausa and Ibo states, empire of Songhai, empire of Ashanti to mention a few .